Merchant Terms & Conditions

At registration, the Merchant will pay a non refundable service fee to Islampur Market to start their business. 

The registration fee may allow the Merchant to get access to Islampur Market’s specially designed Merchant Panel where the Merchant may get a special Merchant price so that the Merchant can make a handsome profit when selling Islampur Market’s products. Moreover, the Merchant may get access to Islampur Market’s vast Inventory. The Merchant can also create and execute Sales Order.

When the Merchant executes a Sales Order for the Merchant’s customer, Islampur Market may process the order on the Merchant’s behalf. When the Merchant executes a CASH ON DELIVERY Sales Order, Islampur Market may collect payment on behalf of the Merchant. When the Merchant executes an ADVANCED PAID Sales Order, Islampur Market may not collect any payment from the Merchant’s customer. 

Islampur Market may owe the Merchant money only on CASH ON DELIVERY Sales Orders. 

Islampur Market may charge the Merchant for a monthly business operations expense fee to keep their business running smoothly.

Islampur Market is not liable for providing any software learning guide or tool of any kind.

Merchant must pay Islampur Market the provided invoice price of goods or services at the time of checkout by the payment gateway. 

When the Merchant chooses the CASH ON DELIVERY option, Islampur Market may collect the cash from the customer on the Merchant’s behalf.

The Merchant may receive payment for the collected amount on Mondays every 2 weeks (holidays not included). Islampur Market is not liable for any failure of payments. 

In the case the Merchant detects any error from Islampur Market, the Merchant must report and inform Islampur Market by email at within the payment cycle. If the Merchant fails to do so, the Merchant may not be granted their request or may not receive payment for the request.  

In any circumstance if the Merchant’s customer does not pay the full Sales Order on a CASH ON DELIVERY Sales Order, the Sales Order may be marked as CANCELLED. Islampur Market may not pay the Merchant for that Sales Order. As Islampur Market did not receive the CASH ON DELIVERY payment money, therefore, in this case, the Merchant will not be paid for the following Sales Order.  

In case the Merchant creates an ADVANCE PAID Sales Order, Islampur Market will not pay the Merchant for the Sales Order because Merchant has already collected payment from the Merchant’s Customer for the Sales Order.

The Merchant program is comparable to becoming a business owner. It is completely up to one’s sole capabilities to earn however much from the program as he/she can.

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